Action-packed and adrenaline-filled gamezones at paintball Great Yarmouth.

Exclusive to Skirmish, we have some of the finest gamezones in the UK

At Skirmish Paintball Great Yarmouth we believe that each paintball field should have its own theme so that each game is uniquley differant, please find pictures and a short discription of the paintball fields at Skirmish Paintball Great Yarmouth.

Paintball players need space to move

Paintball fields need to be themed to fire the imagination

This could be terrain variation, or objective variation.

The objective must be achievable

Each one of our 14 gamezones have been specially designed to ensure every player has a fun, exciting and action-packed game. Don't take our word for it though, have a browse through the pictures and decided for yourself!.

Border Crossing Bridge Field Fuel Dump Maginote Line No Mans Land Rock and Roll Hyper Tyre Speed Ball Temple Tower of The Damned Trench Village Weston Front