Maginote Line

A deep trench splits the field in two and can only be crossed by two high level bridges, two tunnel systems, and one central “Suicide Bridge”.

This is a game of balls, the teams that make the push get the high ground or the tunnels, and from the towers you can look down onto the opposing team, and have a commanding position on the paintball field. If you have the bottle to make your way thru the tunnels you emerge behind the opposing paintball teams front line, were you can cause devastation on the opposing paintballing team.

Set back at each end of the field are the two main bunkers were you have to capture the opposing teams flag from, or defend your own, a great position at the start of the game, but if your team starts losing, does it become a death trap.

Border Crossing Bridge Field Fuel Dump Maginote Line No Mans Land Rock and Roll Hyper Tyre Speed Ball Temple Tower of The Damned Trench Village Weston Front